What is PBN (Private Blog Network) and Does it work in 2019?

If you landed on this page or searched for what is PBN or how to build a PBN. This just means one thing you are stepping your level in SEO. Let me make this clear to you most of the people and companies who claim to do SEO and guarantees to rank the website on the first page doesn’t have a clue on what a private blog network means.

Read this simple definition of PBN.

What is PBN?

The Full Form of PBN is Private Blog Network and when you say it in simple words it is just a collection of blogs that is made for sole purpose of building backlinks to money site or the money site itself can belong to a pbn.

Is Private Blog Network Against Google’s Guidelines?

Last time I checked it was against Google’s guidelines.

Let me tell you something every kind of link building is against google’s guideline and the only way they teach you on how to rank your website first is by using Google Ads. Even if you knowingly build any types of link like a guest post, outreach link building it’s against Google’s guidelines.

why not right?

They make billions in revenue from Google Ads but when you rank for the desired keyword that you like and get free traffic using SEO what is the benefit for Google? Nothing Right?

Trust me, I was that one person who though starting an amazing website and publishing great content is gonna get you on the first page of Google, well on the first year I started around 25 websites and waited just like this but nothing happened.

I would buy a domain name, start a website and wait for 2 months but nothing happened and this kept continuously. I still remember I would ask my mom to give me $15 to buy the domain name from GoDaddy.

After this, I started a niche site my 26th website this time I did something out of boredom I published articles from five blogs to my new site and guess what my website just appeared for the keyword on the 3rd page this was the first time I got SEO chills.

After this, I build backlinks from 5 more websites and it skyrocketed my ranking from 3rd to the first page. This is when I realized I got the SEO Genes in my blood.  LOL

From that day I declared myself to be THE SEO guy.

The keyword that I ranked was “Getresponse review” I outranked shoutmeloud.com and Harsh Agarwal was my inspiration. This was also the day when my idol turned into my competition. LOL

I did rank for this keyword but I didn’t earn a penny. Maybe because I was a noob at conversion rate optimization or my writing skills was bad(I didn’t know about Grammarly).

I was in joy and posted it on facebook.

If you need to win the SEO game you should play outside the rule.

Let me tell you one thing 4 years ago SEO wasn’t this complicated, Neil Patel only started his blog at the moment and when I started link building from my blog to the niche site I didn’t even know I had a PBN.

It was only 2 years ago I read about PBN in a facebook group and thought to myself, oh this thing has got a name ‘PBN’.

okay cool.

I just said this to answer one question

Does PBN Work?

yes, As long as any kind of Link building works PBN will continue to work forever. After all, it’s just another blog.

Just because someone gave this a fancy name doesn’t change anything.

At least that’s how you build your Private Blog Network.

If your PBN is not working it just mean one thing.

you haven’t set up your PBN Properly.

Get some PBN Experts to build it for you but this will cost you a fortune instead you can learn this yourself. If you do not have a budget of $1500 and a team to manage your PBN in minimum I suggest you not to build a Private Blog Network.

What PBN Domain metrics should you care?

If you don’t know Private blog networks are usually made by using an expired domain which has a good link profile to them. we use private scraping tools and resources to find the PBN domains.

You can either go ahead with SEO tools like SEnuke, Ahrefs, Scrapebox to find expired domain names.

we also Build PBN from scratch to make the network clean.

Have you heard about metrics from SEO tools like MOZ, Majestic and Ahrefs, Mangools?

It’s all bullshit.

just some shitty metrics with some fancy names to increase their software sales that’s all I can say.

These metrics are also used by Backlink sellers to fool the buyers. They charge a higher price for a domain with higher metrics but the reality is that these metrics can be manipulated with certain techniques.

The only metrics you need to care: Link Profile and Traffic

when you are buying PBN links the only thing you need to check is the number of backlinks the PBN has and the traffic to the network.

The higher the backlinks and traffic higher will be the price for PBN.

How does PBN work for SEO?

PBN is just a fancy name for a network of blogs. PBN works just like every other link building methods.

Let’s say someone wrote an article on Search Engine optimization and linked to this article when they mentioned PBN.

That is a link to this article and upvote to Google saying that this article is good and it’s about pbn But when I have a pbn I don’t have to wait, outreach or ask anyone to link to my content but I would manually do it using the blog network that I own.

Its the one great thing about pbn, everything is under control.

What are PBN backlinks? How do you create them?

First, you need to build your own private blog network of need someone who rents pbn links.

If you are planning to build a pbn you will need a good budget at least a $1000 to find and buy some good expired domain and then comes web hosting charges to host the pbn.

Right now I own around 200 Private Blog Network and it’s managed by 12 people using a different device and trust me I don’t even go near any of the pbn from my devices or from my network.

Its Managed by different people from different places so that the network is safe, we have registered every single pbn under fake alias and the private tool that we build help us to manage and renew the network without touching the network.

When it comes to web hosting its different situation, we host 95% of the domain on a single web hosting but every domain is masked by Cloudflare and just to diversity I use some of the pbn hosting and it’s pretty expensive to use a pbn hosting.

Some of the gurus out there will say that hosting on same web hosting will get your network penalized but trust me my network has never ever ever been penalized doing the same.

Is PBN is a black hat method for SEO?

It depends on the purpose of pbn if you build a pbn for the sole purpose of spamming your competitor its a black hat method but I don’t recommend doing this but I have seen big players doing the same.

If you spend your time destroying other hard work on improving your website you can easily outrank them and definitely dominate the SERP.

When I find someone intentionally tries to hurt my money site I definitely make sure they get good SEO links to their website so they rank drop. I know more black hat SEO than grey or white hat.

I have spent around $23k on SEO experiments and that’s how I actually learned SEO and if there is one thing I can talk about it will be on SEO.

How does PBN help in a website’s SEO?

I love everything about pbn except the cost that it takes to build and maintain one.

If you have a pbn the one thing that you actually have is CONTROL.

I am a big fan of control.

You can control

anchor text ratio, number of links, link indexability, time, content, relevancy, and everything that matters in ranking a website.

How to Build a Private Blog Network?

I’m launching a pbn course where you can master the art of using a private blog network and I’m calling it PBN Secrets.

The reason I can’t explain the details process in one blog post is that its a skill that you should learn and it’s a secret.

No one will give you the exact process that they build a pbn because nobody likes to saturate something that makes them a ton of lots of money.

As I have to write a complete blog post on this topic I will simplify and write the things that you need to build a pbn

  1. Expired Domain Names
  2. Web Hosting
  3. VA’s to manage the pbn

Expired domain names are expensive when they are easy to find and requires lots of resources to scrape, find and check the domain quality.

If you google “Expired domains” there are many websites that provide this service and you can find and buy the pbn that is related to your niche.

Web Hosting: You can use any web hosting for this but if you have a budget I suggest you use a PBN Hosting which makes your Network Extremely safe.

If you are planning to host your pbn on the single server make sure to use a plugin to backup your pbn and use Cloudflare to mask the IP address of your network.

The most important part is registering the domain name under a different alias, its important because Google is a domain registrar and they can see the information of a domain user even if you use whois.

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