Make Money Online: 10 Legit Ways To Make Money Online 2019

Six Years Ago I searched for something online and it was “Make Money Online” and it has taken me through many scams and stupid ways to make money online after two years I found the real actual and long term ways that you can make money online and live full time doing the same.

Everything that you are reading on this blog post took me 4 years or more to learn and trust me this is some ways that you can actually make a good amount of money.

If you are consistent I guarantee you that you will make at least $1000 every single month so make sure to read the full post and choose a single way that you like to make money online.

10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2019

Here are 10 ways that I actually made money online and how you can make money with these legit ways that I have been following for years right now. Don’t fall into anything online that won’t help you to make a $1000 online every single month because your time is not worth the effort.

Niche Blogging

What is a blog? This post you are reading right now is my blog. It’s a part of a website where you can post new content and your website visitors read it.

Everyone says to start a blog but not many actually know how to make money blogging. You shouldn’t start a blog but you should start a niche blog.

Before you start a blog decide which topic you are going to write about or on which your blog will be focusing.

You can start a blog that reviews products or services, you can start an Adsense niche website, Amazon Affiliate website, A PPL website there is so many to choose if you are planning to start.

Right now I own more than 200 websites because I know how to make money with every website that I make.

Do you wanna learn how to start a website and make money online?

Join my course and learn it yourself. I have made this course with all my knowledge in the past four years. This course will have everything that you need to know to make money from the website that you will be making,

Why do you think I have so many websites?

I have many websites because each website is making me money every single month and people actually pay me to write about them and link to their website so others can find them.

If you want to learn how to make money blogging make sure to join my blogging course that will make you a blogging expert.


If you don’t know what freelancing means its a way by which you can make money by doing work for your clients without working under a company or a boss.

You actually decide on which client to work with and reject if you don’t like a client. I made lots of money online as a freelancer but I was a fake freelancer.

I never did any of the jobs but hired cheap people to do it.  I would actually work a graphics designer but I don’t know how to even design a single good graphics for anything.

What I did was find clients that need a logo and sell them a logo. I use many online platforms that help to get a professional logo designed for $5 and sell it for $50. This is called smart working.

This is freedom, All I had to do was find the right clients. When I got started with freelancing it was real trouble finding clients but I found a free system where you can find clients that are gonna pay you lots of money to get things done.

All you have to do is find a demand and full fill it. I know the exact process that you need to do to make money as a freelancer. If you are interested to learn how to make money as a freelancer what you need is my course where I will be giving the exact step by step method to make money as a freelancer.

Trust me after learning this course you will thank me that I shared this course with you for the lowest price available right now.

Selling Course

Selling course is one way that you can millions online. If you don’t trust me, let me tell you the basic logic on making millions selling the course.
Let’s say you are selling a basic course on weight loss.

Right now you priced the product at $50.

how many people do you think should buy your course so that you make a million dollar?

20,0000 people right?

Now let’s say you are pricing your Ultimate course at $1000

how many people do you think should your course so that you can make a million dollar?

1000 people right?

It is just that simple but you should know the exact process to market and sell your course. I have sold courses and trained lots of people on how to sell a course and make millions.

If you are looking to become a millionaire what you need to start doing is start selling course but you might not know how to sell a course online.

I have made a course that will teach you everything you need to know about selling a course online.

You don’t even have to know everything about a subject that you are making your course on.

Enroll in the course now and learn how you can make millions by selling the online course.

Selling Ebooks

Selling Ebook is really easy there are so many platforms that you can use to sell ebooks. You can set up and ebook store using WordPress and simple plugins like easy digital downloads.

The best thing about selling ebooks is that you have a 100% profit margin and you don’t have expenses after the effort you take to make an ebook.

Now with many tools, it’s easy to make and sell ebooks.

You can make at least $1000 every single month selling ebooks. To give you an idea on how much money you can make online selling ebook let’s calculate.

The price of your Ebook is $30

now to make $1000 every month all you have to do is sell to 33 people.

As you are selling this online it is easy to reach 1000 people every month with paid advertising and cheap traffic. The problem is that if you need to figure that yourself it would take you many months. So I have made a course where I am teaching you on how to create and sell an ebook for a price that helps you to live selling ebooks.

I have added everything I know about selling ebooks online and added on this course make sure to check it out and learn. The course is priced very low because I know that the people who search on ways to make money online are not rich but I can’t give the details for free because if everyone starts doing the same thing the niche will get saturated and only a dedicated person will but the course.

let me tell you something if you are not ready to invest in yourself by buying this course, I don’t see a chance that other people buying from you and you are not gonna make money online.

Selling Services

SaaS products

Selling Ebooks

Android Apps

Android Game Development